Foods & events


Food producers in Tohoku/ 東北の生産者さん

Kitakami Makisawa Kobo


I traveled along the Sanriku coast one year after the great earthquake and tsunami. I was so surprised that the foods served there were really tasty although kitchen facilityies were severely damaged. That’s when I learned that the foods themselves have the power, and people living in urban areas, including me, don’t really know that. Food producers have been developing technologies so that products are preserved fresh and easy to cook. Tohoku Foodie Baskets select & recommend such high quality products and producers.

Recipe & variation/ レシピと食のこと

You can enjoy the products selected by Tohoku Foodie Baskets in various ways. Not only in traditional Japanese arrangement but also western styles. For example, minced saury, usually cooked as meatballs in miso or soy sauce soup, can be arranged as curry (photo), pasta sauce like bolognese, or tandoori style with curry powder. Tohoku Foodie Baskets are engaged to develop such recipes to enlarge possibilities of traditional & local products.

Food events/ 食のイベント

Comida Mexicana


Tohoku Foodie Baskets hold food events at the “Okatte Nishiogi,” a shared kitchen in Suginami, with the theme of local food culture of Japan and the world. (Spanish cooking with Tohoku products, Mexican cooking, preserved food & fermentation, smoking, curry & spices) It hopes to create opportunities where participants exchange knowledge & tips around food & culture.